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          What are the notices for the use of the mold spring


          1, Due to the use of die spring in more than three hundred thousand conditions, it is easy to be used in close proximity, and so close to the vicinity can make the number of rolls close so that its spring constant becomes higher easily. At the same time, it is easy to become high stress because of the particularity of conformity. It is to avoid being overused in three hundred thousand of the conditions.

          2,due to the gap condition of the mold spring, it will increase the strength of the spring and easily become damaged. In the process of use, the initial compression of more than one millimeter should be used.

          3,Avoid the presence of a foreign body in the middle of the spring which can effectively prevent the failure of the part of the volume. At the same time, the high spring constant of the die spring is the main reason for the loss of the spring constant on the basis of the reduction of the effective volume, and the length of the external clinging will also be higher.

           4,Attention should be paid to accurately adjusting the parallelism of the assembly surface of the die spring and then using it, which can effectively prevent the spring from bending and becoming easily damaged. At the same time, when the spring guide is used, the spring is prone to bending and bending damage. In order to avoid this situation, the outside shaft should be used or the external shaft should be used. A spring guide, such as the outside guide.

          The above is the four points that should be paid attention to in the use of a regular die spring. In the field of use of a good quality mold spring to the automobile and other fields, the relevant notice is fully understood in advance. It can not only prevent damage due to improper operation and affect the overall use effect of the equipment, but also prolong the use of the equipment. The service life of the die spring.