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        1. Dongguan New Ming Jie Mold Technology Co., Ltd.
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          What are the development direction of hardware stamping parts


          The proportion of medium pressure die casting mold industry will continue to increase. With the development of vehicle and motor products towards lightweight, more and more demands will be placed on the quantity, life and complexity of die casting die. With the development of plastic instead of steel, the development of plastic generation and the precision and complexity of the product parts, the proportion of plastic mould will be improved continuously, and its precision and complexity will be improved accordingly.

          The application of metal stamping parts will be more and more extensive. The standardization of mould and the application of mould standard parts can greatly affect the die manufacturing cycle. The use of mold standard parts can not only shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, but also improve the quality of mold and reduce the cost of mold manufacturing. At the same time, the prospect of rapid economic mold is very broad. Because people want the shorter production cycle of mold, the more and more attention has been paid to developing rapid economic mould. For example, developing various kinds of superplastic materials to make moulds, making simple moulds with epoxy, polyester or reinforcing materials such as metal and glass in them.

          This kind of mold has the advantages of simple manufacturing process, easy control of accuracy, low shrinkage, low price and high life expectancy. Cement plastic can also be used to make automobile panel dies. Rapid economic molds, such as medium and low melting point alloy moulds, spraying mold, electric casting mould, precision casting mould, laminated mould, ceramic mould and optical molding and rapid manufacturing of low cost mould with hot hardened rubber, will be further developed. Fast mold bases, quick change punches will also be increasingly developed. In addition, the technology of quick die changer and quick die test device with computer control and manipulator operation will also be developed and improved.